Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Rose of Auricarro


This legend originated in the area of Palo del Colle in the year 1349. At that time someone fleeing from the pillaging by invaders of an outlying area buried a crucifix made of fig wood. Years later, on barren ground during a season of extended drought, a peasant noticed a single rose growing between the crack in the parched earth. The peasant couldn't believe his eyes. He decided to transplant the rose but could not root it out. He dug a wide pit around it and there before his eyes were the roots of the rose entwined around the crucifix of Auricarro. 
Because it was found at their border the adjoining towns of Palo and Toritto had a dispute over who could claim the cross. To decide which town would possess the cross two oxen were yoked to a cart and were allowed to approach a crossroads without human direction. The oxen took the road to Palo deciding the possession of the cross. Since then the cross lies in the Church of the Madonna del Porta and is brought in procession every spring past Auricarro where it was found over six centuries ago.

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